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QA860 HiFi Digital Lossless Music Player

QA860--SD Card WAV Hi-Fi Digital Audio Player

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QLS QA860 HiFi digital lossless music player is QLS-HiFi’stop line digital music playback equipment that integrated digital music player, DAC and headphone amplifier altogether. QA860 is based on the hot QA660 digital music player with dedicated improvementon the digital output circuit, along with the DAC and headphone amplifier module which we spent over 2 years on developing and continuing optimizationthrough testing more than 10 major hardware version.

The single threaded software framework, the extreme-low jitter clock process circuit, the digital/analog completely separated power supply loops and full isolated mounting rooms for each module are the keys for QA860 to enter into the Hi-End world with far beyond a lot of Hi-end level desktop CD players.

The Single Threaded Software Framework

QA860 implemented QLS-HiFi’s unique proprietary technology – the single threaded software framework. This technology ensured ultra-low jitters and high accuracy in playback of digital music by occupying the whole CPU with the single music reading and decoding program during the music playback.We keep it simple as always for supporting the simplest SD media cards only, however on the other hand we make every attempt to improve the back end qualities so providing the best value to againstthe priceto the true audiophiles. QA860 is the continuing persistence in pursuit of our belief on HiFi equipment development.

24bit/192KHz wav and DSD Support

QA860 supports Studio Master wav files in 24bit/192KHz and DSD64/1bit/Stereo.  DSD files can be streamed out of the digital output in DoP format, and converted to analog singles directly through the internal DAC as well.


  • Dual 0.5PPM TCXO for 22.5792Mhz and 24.576Mhz.
  • High standard power supply design:
    - 2 customized toroidal transformer for digital and analog circuits separately with vibration isolation and absorbing design, and without interfering the digital clock circuit completely.
    - TI top line RF LDO for supplying the DAC chips and clock circuits, which has been proved more suitable for the digital circuit than the top line LDO of Linear Technology in our long time test.
    - Mono concept in designing power supply circuit for each independent function unit.
    - Schurter filter power entry module and fuses.
  • Pre-amplifier inside with on/off and volume control through the remote controller (AD1955 is fixed level output to process DSD, as the result the inside pre-amplifier is not functionable).
  • High power headphone amplifier integrated for Hi/Low impedance headphones.
  • Case vibration isolation design and manufacture.
  • 4-layers PCB for all circuit boards.


  • DAC: AD1955 I/V: OPA2134*2    LP and pre-amp: LME49720*3
    Headphone: LME49720+OP2134+TPA6120
  • Support:
    - 16bit/24bit, 44.1-192Khz, DSD 1bit 64FS.
    Audio format supported:
      - WAV :  16/24bit, 44.1~192 kHz.
      - AIFF  :  16/24bit, 44.1~192 kHz.
      - FLAC :  16/24bit, 44.1 kHz~48 kHz, compression level 0~8.
      - APE   :  16 bit, 44.1 kHz, compression level fast and normal.
      - ALAC :  16 bit, 44.1 kHz
      - MP3   :  16bit, 44.1/48 kHz, 96k bps~320k bps, CBR/VBR/ABR encoding.
      - CUE   :  ANSI / UNICODE / UTF-8 Encoding.
      - DSD   :  DSD64 1bit, Stereo---DIFF

    - Digital output: PCM / Dolby Digital output/ DTS Digital output / DSD (DoP V1.0).
  • Digital output: Coaxial*1, Optical*1.
  • Digital input: Coaxial*1, Optical*1 (up to 24bit/192Khz).
  • Analog output: RCA*1, XLR balance*1.
  • Headphone: 6.35mm*2
  • Analog output:
    - 0dBFS signal output level: 2.5V RMS
    - Frequency response: 0-50Khz
    - S/N: 120dB
    - Dynamic Range: 118dB
    - Total Harmonic distortion: 0.0007%
    - Headphone power output: 600Ω@120mw, 300Ω@250mw,150Ω@5500mw,64Ω@1.2W,32Ω@2W
  • Power: <30W
  • Input Voltage: AC 110V and AC 220V selectable
  • Dimensions: 215mm x 330mm x 100 mm
  • Weight: 5KG

     Tips: The USB port is reserved for future upgrade, it's not functionable on QA860

QA860 HiFi Digital Lossless Music Player

QA860 HiFi Digital Lossless Music Player

Image Hosting by TupianGuanjia

Image Hosting by TupianGuanjia


QA860 Remote:(internal AAA battery is not included)
QA860 HiFi Digital Lossless Music Player
Internal PCB board:
(In order to improve the quality and sound quality, components are subject to change without notice.)
QA860 HiFi Digital Lossless Music Player
QA860 HiFi Digital Lossless Music Player

The following items are included with your Order:
  QA860 Player *1
  Remote Control * 1(not include AAA battery for remote control)
  Power cable  *1
 16GB Class10 SDHC Card *1
SDHC SD USB 2.0 Memory Card Reader *1
English User Guide *1

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Listed price: USD $929.99   (in Stock)   
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